So, I was fuckable but not loveable…

So, I was fuckable but not loveable.

You know you did me wrong, right?
It was you that made me loose, but you called it tight.
It was you that made me and inner me fight.

Why did you always say the right thing?
Why did you convince me that I deserved that ring?

I thought we made love. For you it was just a fuck.
You acted like I was a diamond. But saw me like rough rock.

So, I was fuckable but not loveable?

In bed, I was good. But you made sure nobody saw us together in the hood. Did you even once buy me food?

– Good for nothing type of… –

But no heart feelings, it’s okay.
To be mad, my heart does not have enough space.
I need that space, for my next to stay.
For my next to feel safe.

For he will not fuck this loveable piece of a queen over.

– as told by Nienie, poetry 

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